ten ten building

TENTEN FOOD MANUFACTURING SDN. BHD. under its own brand name “TENTEN” is a renowned and prominent manufacturer for fruit flavoured jelly and pudding, earning a household name worldwide, established since 1983.

The company was licensed by MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia) under the Industrial Co-ordination Act, 1975 for the manufacturing of edible jellies and pudding.

Since May of 1985, the company commenced commercial production of edible jellies which are packed in ready-to-eat form for sale in the domestic market through the established network. With more than two decades of experience and dedication in jelly and pudding, we promise highest quality and satisfaction in every product that we produce.

Today, TENTEN FOOD operates on its distribution network domestically as well as globally, trading various kinds of foodstuff from domestic and overseas manufacturers. Our major overseas markets consist of China, Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Southern East Asia, etc.

Our manufacturing plant was constructed on a plot with a built-up area of approximately 66,000 square feet.

To cope with the growing demand, TENTEN FOOD has constantly upkeep it's machinery, high-tech equipment and laboratory facilities. We strive to enrich the lives of our customers by providing convenient and delicious foods suited for all occasions. This core purpose is achieved through the efforts of esteemed employees who share five common values; hardwork, enthusiasm, integrity, growth and helping one another. 

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